About Me

Hello and welcome to my website. I am glad to be considered to journey with you be it for a one hour session or many! 

Some years ago my youngest, at 12, slammed his forehead on asphalt in a skateboard accident. Diagnosed with post concussion syndrome and intractable headaches, he is in pain everyday. He was out of school fulltime for 4 months. We sought answers from conventional medical specialists to every alternative offering I could find. Yet, while nothing seemed to take away the headaches, I found the massage therapist relaxed and calmed him, in fact, he often fell asleep during her sessions.  I started classes in massage therapy and was licensed one year later.  Regular professional massage clearly promotes wellness. The authentic warmth, intention and connection from the therapist to the client are keys to the door of deep wellbeing. But wellness does not just appear once leaving the table. Authentic Wellness is an intentional yes that comes from you. As a trained Transpersonal Life Coach, my time with you becomes one of self awareness in which you learn to listen to what is inside you and make that change.

It is my honor to create with you mindheartbody sessions that are unique to you. Be it a silent haven to induce deep relaxation and centering of the whole body, mind and spirit or an active focused bodywork session to heal and rejuvenate those specific kinks and sore spots.  Our time is wholly about you. This is your time. 

I am registered PA Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Swedish, Therapeutic, Oncology, Cranial Sacral and Prenatal Massage. I am specifically trained in Oncology Massage and am a preferred provider with The Society for Oncology Massage. A graduate of the Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks in Pottstown, I also hold an MA in Theology and Certification in Transpersonal Psychology. As a Pastoral Counselor and Social Therapist for 19 years, I have accompanied many individuals along their own journey with physical pain and emotional trauma through active witnessing, authentic listening and therapeutic touch.  

For a complete bio including my educational background, simply give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!